Purpose/Mission Statement

"The beauty and utility of a place of worship can be sustained only by an ongoing, careful attention to its upkeep through regular maintenance." (Built of Living Stones #219)

sacristansTime/Talent Needs

Sacristans maintain order not only in the church, but also in the sacristy cabinets and closets. They care for the room where liturgy is celebrated as well as for the vestments, vessels, candles and so forth. Other duties include laundry, straightening song-books, maintaining vestments, servers' albs, altar cloths, and so on.


The variety of tasks calls for a variety of people willing to take responsibility for a specific area of work. Such individuals should be willing to work on a flexible schedule. This ministry requires approximately one hour every other week. Information on where to find things, how to care for liturgical objects and other pertinent information will be provided by team leaders.