Purpose/Mission Statement

"As common prayer and ecclesial experience, liturgy flourishes in a climate of hospitality; a situation in which people are comfortable with one another, either knowing or being introduced to one another; a space in which people are seated together, with mobility, in view of one another as well as the focal points of the rite, involved as participants and not as spectators." (Environment & Art in Catholic Worship #11) To support the ritual activity of the liturgy through the artistic expression of color, form and texture.

art environmentTime/Talent Needs

Along with our liturgy planning committee, pastor, and liturgy director, our activities include: evaluating our worship space, planning the enviornment for the liturgical seasons and decorating with the future in mind. In doing the above, we are always mindful of the church's directives regarding the enviornment and continually strive to keep the assembly in mind. Our ultimate goal is to provide the kind of environment that will draw people into prayer, an environment that will enhance, support and illumine the liturgical action that is taking place.


As a team working together to combine varied talents, we strive to create a hospitable environment that is beautifull with objects that are well crafted to elevate the human spirit to welcome us and welcome our prayers. All must attend an evening of training which focuses on the fundamentals of the enviornment and art: the use of symbols; placement of objects; furnishings; vesture and banners; temorary decorations. Ongoing education takes place through pertinent articles and occasional meetings.

Level of Commitment

Everyone participates in preparing the environment for Christmas and Easter seasons. Smaller teams do set up and take down of other sesons or events.