Has your family, or a family that you know of, experienced a loss recently? Has someone in your immediate family died or have you and your spouse suffered a divorce or separation? Are your children grieving a loss in their lives, whether it is a parent, a grandparent or possibly even a sibling? Are they grieving this loss and you just don’t know how to handle their grief?

Rainbows for All Children at Resurrection Catholic Church Wayne, ILIf this sounds familiar, rest assured you are not alone. Here at Resurrection we have a ministry called Rainbows. Rainbows works with children, preschool through high school, who have experienced a loss in their lives. We have, in place, loving facilitators who meet with children in groups weekly to give them a place to talk, to cry, and to be with other children their age who are also grieving a loss.

Rest assured there is no cost at all to you or your families to have your child/children participate in Rainbows. If you feel as though Rainbows may be of help to you and your children or to a family you know, please contact Lorna Miressi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 630-336-0911.