Youth Faith Formation students visit Feed My Starving Children.
Please keep Vallie in your prayers until she is able to share fully with us at the Lord's table.
Tracy, Dale, and Matthew completed their Christian Initiation
Please keep David in your prayers as he journeys to the Easter Vigil of 2019 when he will receive Baptism, Confirmation and join us at the Lord's table for the first time.
First Reconciliation
Families gathered to celebrate First Reconciliation with their children.
R.O.C.K. visits Phil's Friends

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Purpose/Mission Statement

"Servers exercise a genuine liturgical function. they ought to discharge their office, "therefore, with sincere devotion and decorum..." (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy #29)

Altar Servers at Resurrection Catholic Church

Time/Talent Needs

Altar servers assist the priest at Mass as well as enhance the celebration by leading the various processions: entrance, gospel, and recessional. Some servers also serve as thurifers who handle the incense on solemn occasions.


Servers are girls or boys in 5th grade through high school, or adults who would like to minister as altar servers. They should have a desire to be a service to the parish and possess a basic understanding of the Mass. Must be willing to learn the movements of the crossbearer and candle bearer. Basic training for servers consists of two sessions of approximately two hours each that cover the structure of the Mass, names of the liturgical objects and the movements of the server. Ongoing training is provided for those who serve at the most solemn occasions. All seasoned servers are welcome to be trained as thurifers who care for the incense. We also welcome adult women and men to serve at funerals.

Level of Commitment

Servers are scheduled approximately twice a month for weekend Masses as well as Holy Days, certain solemn occasions and weddings. New servers are scheduled with experienced servers for at least three months. Servers are scheduled according to their Mass preference and scheduling request are honored to avoid conflicts with other activities. It is expected that servers find their own replacement when unable to meet a commitment.

Contact: Worship Office. (630) 289-5400 x217

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Office Hours

Administrative Staff Hours
Monday - Friday:  9:30am - 3:30pm


Hours for Pastoral Staff vary by the day, program, and activities scheduled

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