Welcome to our Capital Campaign homepage!

On this page you will find up to date statistics of our weekly progress based on the number raised towards our goal, number of families currently participating and the amount of available cash on hand.

Please take a moment to review the case statement which provides further detail on the needs of our parish. We welcome all parish families to participate in our campaign! The future of our parish and the beautiful facilities we utilize on a daily basis rely on this campaign. We need your help!

All parish families are asked to prayerfully consider making a five-year pledge to the Forward in Faith Campaign. The various projects outlined in the case statement will be addressed in a phased approach. In other words, we will not financially be capable of completing all projects at one time thus leading us to ask for your support over a five-year period.

Join us on this exciting journey by clicking ---- Donate/Payments ----- to direct you to the web address specifically set for Capital Campaign contributions!

We thank you for your support and continued dedication to Resurrection Catholic Church.

Capital Campaign Brochure

Capital Campaign Case Statement