Feast of St. Francis
Pet blessing held on October 7th.
Parent's Night Out - School of Rock

On November 1 we celebrate the Solemnity of All Saints remembering all the saints known and unknown to us, who now enjoy the glory of heaven. During the Gospel which we hear that day, the Beatitudes are proclaimed. These are the guidelines for true joy and the attainment of holiness in our lives. We hear how to live lives of holiness so that we may attain happiness in this life, but even more happiness in the next.


All Saints Day is something far more than a remembrance of the good people who once walked this earth. Today we rejoice in the communion of saints—those who have gone before us, those of us who are saints-in-the making, and those who will come after us. We honor distinguished individuals like Francis, Therese, and Benedict, as well as grandparents, friends, and teachers, who have gone before us in faith. All are united in the Spirit. Linking arms with all people of every time and place, we look forward to the day of resurrection, the final day, when all creation will be transformed.


Come and celebrate this Holy Day of Obligation, Wednesday, November 1. Masses will be celebrated 8:30 am and 7:00 pm. Come and celebrate your feast!

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